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Just One Smile. (Just an idea.)

JUST ONE SMILE Just one smile can tell the whole world you’re in love; or it can hide heartbreak. Just one smile can bring comfort; or it can cause hurt. Just one smile can reaffirm the truth; or it can… Continue reading →

Moz The Monster: Friend or Foe?

Moz The Monster is someone I don’t understand. For a start, I don’t understand whether or not you can refer to a monster as being a someone. I suppose you can. I mean, he clearly has feeling so why not?… Continue reading →

The Earth

THE EARTH The earth, sodden with the tears of pork pie jelly, No longer embraced the picnic it had so long hoped for. “Where are you Audrey?” It cried. But she had gone. And with her, the pickle. The earth…. Continue reading →

The General Election 2017 – An Apportunity For The Youth To Get Involved.

General Election 2017. It has been called. The rumour mills started this morning when Theresa May announced that she’d have an announcement. And an announcement it was. Not about Doctor Who. Not about Broadchurch. Not about Arsene Wenger. But about… Continue reading →

Depression: Learning To Know You Know

A while back I blogged about my experience with depression. As today is World Mental Health Day, I wanted to write about it some more. More to the point, I wanted to write about raising awareness, specifically for people who may have it, but may not know yet. (As with me, it seems.)

To Beard or Not To Beard: Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

I wonder if others have come across this dilemma at this stage. I am aware of online content whereby there is an encouragement to push on through. One thing is for sure, it certainly takes up a lot of thought time.

Insomnia: What Happens When Eyes Won’t Shut.

Last night I could not get to sleep for the life of me. As I lay wide-awake, various thoughts came into my head, as they tend to do. One of these thoughts was a pilot for a new TV sitcom…. Continue reading →

In 5 Years’ Time – Important Career Lessons: Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

It’s better to burn brightly in pursuit of passion; than to sit in beige trousers from a catalogue whilst looking at your flock wallpaper with Jimmy Nail playing in the background.

Job Interview in 10 mins…

Today I have a job interview for the position of a Creative Writer (which I’ve always thought an odd title; writers are surely creative by definition, aren’t they?) Prepared as I am, I put together a presentation and some scripts…. Continue reading →

A Shared Man’s Thoughts

He was half man; half male. His chest reddened to a mighty radish shade in the summer months, but paled in comparison anytime before spring. As he looked around, taking in the view and its accompanying air, he frowned. Not… Continue reading →

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