The Seventeen Sided Shrimp

The Seventeen Sided Shrimp has sixteen sides, plus one it calls its own.

It’s got thirty four mirrors in its house, and half a wooden throne.

Now, science books my tell you, this creature does not exist.

So here’s a list of other beasts the scientists have missed.

The Super Snouted Badgerpuss is not in any book,

But walk into a jelly farm – you’ll be glad you had a look.

The Piddle Milky Mongoose Crab, with its shell as white as cloud,

Has evaded selfies for year and years.

It really is quite proud.

Have you seen a Warble Snitch? The Triple Throppled Goat?

Scroll through all the internet, you’ll never find one note.

The Ruffled Ankled Minty Ox., the Splodgy Socked Monkey.

Try and try but I bet you won’t have half a memory.

So do believe in science. And do believe in facts.

But know that not all what we know, is what we know, for that.

The Seventeen Sided Shrimp exists.

It has for many years.

But if you never see one, please don’t shed your tears.

Just wait a while longer, for the Seventeen Sided Shrimp.

It may have stubbed one of its toes; imagine that poor limp.

It is a shrimp but not a 17 sided one.
This is NOT a Seventeen Sided Shrimp.