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Love In The Hot Tub: Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Some love took place in the hot tub I was in last night. Allow me to explain… It’s fair to say that my dedication to the gym is anything less than stable. I went through a phase of loving it…. Continue reading →

Women Drivers As Potential Brides: Here’s What I Learnt Today…

Within seconds I was whisking him over a nearby railing and onto safety. What a relief! Crowds cheered. Women threw underwear. Men slapped my back; an elderly woman baked me a cake and a man without legs suddenly found the inspiration to tap dance.

Out Of Bedroom Experiences. Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

In some gyms, I have been informed, you can meet new, fun and exciting people. Imagine! “I could make a girl on a treadmill laugh,” I have thought, “If things go really well, I could amuse a stranger in the sauna. She’d probably like that.”

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