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Watch Full Movie Online And Download Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Instantly, I knew who I wanted to be with that night. It was obvious; it had been for some time. She was the one I wanted to introduce to my friends; the one who I’d want to spend this evening with; the one I’d be honoured to share a plush hotel room with. The one who I would even let pilfer my sausage the next morning.

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Dating: Before The “Rules”. Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Friends tell me of the “rules” of dating. “Once you have arranged a date, don’t text them before the night”, “At the end of the night, let them know you had a good time but don’t let on whether or not you want to see them again”, “After you have been on the date, don’t text or call until two days after”. I just don’t get all this “advice”.

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I Want A Baby! Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Whenever I have met my friend’s child for the first time and they have said, “Would you like to hold him/her?” I have always thought three things. 1) “Shouldn’t you really know if it’s a him or a her by now!??!” 2) “Please don’t let me drop them” and 3) “If an attractive girl goes by and sees me holding a baby, she’s going to fall for me instantly” I no longer think about the third option. Here’s why…

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