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Depression: Learning To Know You Know

A while back I blogged about my experience with depression. As today is World Mental Health Day, I wanted to write about it some more. More to the point, I wanted to write about raising awareness, specifically for people who may have it, but may not know yet. (As with me, it seems.)

January 9, 2012

Lacking Confidence In The Head: Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Confidence is a strange thing, isn’t it? In certain situations it can be there in abundance and, in others, it seemingly crawls away to leave you exposed and shy; the metaphorical pair of trousers in the worryingly realistic dream of school assemblies.

Contentment Versus Happiness: Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

One of the biggest questions I ponder in my not-as-big-as-the-question-I’m-asking brain is this: How do you know when you’re truly happy as opposed to being just content?