Save Our Percy Pig: He’s Sweet Not Spoiled.

Percy Pig is under threat from the government!


In a bid to reduce childhood obesity ministers are making plans to put an end to licensed characters, such as Percy Pig, and cartoon characters being associated with sugary foods.

But why pick on Percy Pig? One bag of delicious, chewy, cola-tasting pinkness isn’t going to lead to a pandemic.

(It may ruin your tea though; parental advice is recommended on this.)

There are many more pigs in the spotlight who should be considered bad influences before we start porce-cuting poor Percy Pig. One in particular.

Peppa Pig.

Now, admittedly she is young and has time to grow. But what a little sow-and-sow she is.

Sulky if she doesn’t get her own way and a right meany to George pig when nobody is looking. Or even if they are!

Peppa’s Dad (the aptly named Daddy Pig) seems to have done well in his career, despite coming across as a bit bumbling at times.

(Peppa’s Dad once jumped into a puddle of concrete to prove how deep it was… and got stuck.)


So the fact she shows complete disrespect to her parents by falling into any nearby muddy puddle and ruining her dress whenever she laughs is another reason for her negative influence. (Although it does make me wonder why they just keep buying her the same coloured replacement in every episode.)

Mind, there is an argument that Peppa is a product of her environment, as highlighted by the moment when her Dad’s friend blatantly swore and nobody batted an eyelid.

So, okay, Percy Pig may make kids obese if they eat 17 packets before breakfast.

But as long as they say thank you after they’re given the bag, at least they’re not being influenced by bad manners.

#SavePercy starts here. (As does #BanPeppa).

(Views are my own as the father of a small child and not those of his Mum who may let him watch Peppa but not eat Percy Pig.)