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Here’s What I Have Learnt Today: Pools Are Like Relationships

“There have been times in my life, as I am sure there have been in yours, when you see someone, possibly in a certain setting, and they stop you dead in your tracks. There is something about the way they look or a certain mystery about them that leaves you feeling, immediately, like you want to – need to – find out more about them. All of a sudden everything leaves your mind and the only thought you have is, “How can I get to know them?” Well, it’s a bit like that with swimming pools, isn’t it?”

Here’s What I Have Learnt Today: Running In Cyprus

My parents and sister moved to Cyprus in 2002. I, in turn, moved to Birmingham that very same year. I’m still not sure who got the best deal… (I am, they did. However, I have since moved to Nottingham so… Continue reading →

Why Am I Not Dave?

A week or so ago I got a wrong text. It was from a woman called Jan and she thought I was Dave. I am not Dave… she didn’t believe me.

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