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I Want A Baby! Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Whenever I have met my friend’s child for the first time and they have said, “Would you like to hold him/her?” I have always thought three things. 1) “Shouldn’t you really know if it’s a him or a her by now!??!” 2) “Please don’t let me drop them” and 3) “If an attractive girl goes by and sees me holding a baby, she’s going to fall for me instantly” I no longer think about the third option. Here’s why…

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Here’s What I Have Learnt Today: Pools Are Like Relationships

“There have been times in my life, as I am sure there have been in yours, when you see someone, possibly in a certain setting, and they stop you dead in your tracks. There is something about the way they look or a certain mystery about them that leaves you feeling, immediately, like you want to – need to – find out more about them. All of a sudden everything leaves your mind and the only thought you have is, “How can I get to know them?” Well, it’s a bit like that with swimming pools, isn’t it?”

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