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Dating: Before The “Rules”. Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Friends tell me of the “rules” of dating. “Once you have arranged a date, don’t text them before the night”, “At the end of the night, let them know you had a good time but don’t let on whether or not you want to see them again”, “After you have been on the date, don’t text or call until two days after”. I just don’t get all this “advice”.

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When Memories Surprise You. Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

We’d been out for a drink and had nipped into a quiet pub before going for something to eat. There were a few “rowdy” lads near us and one approached us at the bar. I’ll admit, I was a bit wary at first because here was I, on my own with an attractive woman, and there were they, drunk!

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I’m In Love (I Just Don’t Know Who With)! Here’s What I Have Learnt Today…

Today’s “Love” horoscope caused me to raise an eyebrow. Then both eyebrows. Then open my mouth. Today’s “Love” horoscope made me facially active!! My current love partner is having doubts!?!? Why has it taken an internet-based horoscope to inform me that the future of my relationship is hanging by a thread?

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