Moon Landings: The Unknown Facts


The Apollo 11 moon landings saw the first two people on the Moon on July 20 1969. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle at 20:17 UTC.

There have been countless documentaries throughout the years, but here are some facts* that have never been revealed, (* – These may not strictly be actual facts.)

  • The mission was more expensive because of the school holidays. If they’d have done it a fortnight earlier they’d have saved about £500 on flights.
  • Neil Armstrong bought himself a Bella magazine for the journey which had the front page stories: My Husband Had An Affair With My Sister’s Armchair; I Found Love with Santa’s Beard; and The Night My Socks Caught a Burglar.
  • They had to stop Apollo 11 twice because Buzz Aldrin thought he was going to be sick. Neil Armstrong kept telling him it was all just in his head and to wind the window down.
  • Michael Collins fell asleep on Neil Armstrong’s shoulder and Neil Armstrong didn’t know whether to try and move him or just let him lie there until he woke up.
  • They fuel it cost to fill Apollo 11 would have earned the astronauts 385,000 Tesco Clubcard points or 770,000 Nectar points.
  • The moon boots Neil Armstrong wanted weren’t in stock so he had to get the next size up and wear an extra pair of socks.
  • Michael Collins should have gone before they left.
  • The astronauts listened to Buzz Aldrin’s tape on the way there and Neil Armstrong’s on the way back. Mike Collins listened to his own music in his earphones.
  • Neil Armstrong bought Pass The Pigs for the journey but the lack of gravity meant that the game didn’t get past the first throw.
  • An hour into the journey Michael Collins had to turn around and have a word because Neil Armstrong was moaning that Buzz Aldrin kept putting his feet on Neil’s side of the rocket.
  • Buzz Aldrin was told off by Mission Control for spilling a packet of Mini-Cheddars on the new seats.
Moon Landings - Neil Armstrong steps back and admires the Stars and Stripes flag he made on the last day of work.
At the end of the mission Neil Armstrong had beaten Buzz Aldrin at Top Trumps 5 games to 4.