Job Interview in 10 mins…

Today I have a job interview for the position of a Creative Writer (which I’ve always thought an odd title; writers are surely creative by definition, aren’t they?)

Prepared as I am, I put together a presentation and some scripts. As I am staying at my girlfriend’s, I thought I’d print them off at hers last night. Her printer didn’t work.

So, relaxed and calm, I decided to drive to her local library 90 minutes before my interview. Plenty of time.

The library was “closed for renovation”. Ok, not a problem. I’ll simply drive to the city one and print off their instead.

I pulled out onto the usually free-flowing road into Birmingham. Two lanes the of road were closed due to maintenance.

Ok, I still had time. I got to the city library to print off my scripts. I went to sign up… and was informed that I was already a member. Not only that but I owed £15 in fines from EIGHT years ago. (A Spike Milligan biography, so I’m told; I clearly didn’t get around to reading it.)

So, paid and joined, I have come to the printer… but no computers are free.

My interview is in 10 minutes.

And this is where we find out whether my career as a writer and presenter owe more to creative inspiration than planning…

By the way, just in case it doesn’t go as well as the rest of the morning: is anyone looking to hire a freelance writer?